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Expert Witness Reports

At British Medical Experts, we provide access to a wide range of highly experienced medical professionals, trained in the specifics of delivering quality, witness testimonials, on target and on time.

Why Instruct Us?

  1. We will provide you with 10 minutes of pro bono advice before you engage or instruct, any further
  2. Your expert witness will be a consultant in their respected field and undergone expert witness training years
  3. We will not do any paid work, unless you agree, in writing for us to do so
  4. There will be no hidden fees
  5. We guarantee delivery of the report, within a pre agreed time, or we wont charge you for the report

Multiple Experts

We have experts from 30+ different medical disciplines.

And if we don’t already have you need – we’ll find them and vet them for you!

The process is easy!


Search for your required specialty

Discover our extensive panel of over 90 British Medical Experts. Find professionals tailored to your specific needs.


Request the expert CV

Determine the experts’ qualifications and expertise by requesting their Curriculum Vitae.


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Connect with us for a complimentary 10-minute call to discuss your requirements and explore how our experts can assist you.

Our satisfied customers

We have supplied 1000’s of expert witness reports over the last 14 years


Danielle Young

“Dr. Marko Lukic – …the experience was good in terms of your team … how smoothly that worked… his report was pretty prompt, so it’s been a positive experience.”

Harper Macleod

Amy Dickson

“Dr. Netri is very good, helpful, and concise. He answered questions quickly.”

PA Duffy & Co Solicitors

Naomi White

“Dr. Netri has been fantastic. The service is efficient and the report doesn’t take that long and we were communicated right. We will be happy to use Dr. Netri in the future.”

JNP Legal

Natasha Bolton

Dr. Miller’s report was very easy to organize and it arrived to us quite quickly.

Livingstone Brown

Marion Milligan

“Dr. Du Toit – She is very efficient and always replies to emails. Overall it is a good experience.”

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