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Complaints Procedure for British Medical Experts


At British Medical Experts (BME), we are committed to providing high-quality services. We understand that there may be instances where our clients have concerns or complaints, when we have not met their expectations.

This document outlines the procedure to address and resolve such matters promptly and fairly.

Submitting a Complaint:

If you have a complaint, please follow these steps:

  • Contact Information:


  • Provide Details:

Clearly state the nature of your complaint. Include relevant details such as names, dates, and any supporting documents


  1. Your full name, contact information.
  2. A detailed description of your concern or complaint, including dates, names of individuals involved, and any relevant details.
  3. Any actions (if any) you have taken to try to resolve the issue and the outcome of those actions.
  4. What you would consider to be a satisfactory resolution to your complaint.
  • Acknowledgment:

Upon receipt of your complaint, we will send an acknowledgment within five working days

Investigation and Resolution:

  • Assigned Investigator:

Your complaint will be assigned to an appropriate representative for investigation.

  • Resolution Timeframe:

We aim to resolve complaints within 14 days. Complex issues may require additional time, and in such cases, we will keep you informed of the progress.

  • Communication:

We will keep you updated on the progress of the investigation, and notify you detailing the outcome of our investigation and any actions we have taken, or will take ,to address your concerns.


If you are dissatisfied with the resolution, you may request further review. This will involve a senior representative who will conduct an independent assessment.

Please provide the reasons for your appeal and any additional information that may be relevant. Your appeal will be acknowledged within five working days of receipt. 


We value your feedback on our complaints procedure. Please let us know if you have suggestions for improvement.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or require assistance regarding the complaints procedure, please contact:

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain high standards at British Medical Experts.

British Medical Experts is a trading name owned by Multiple Streams CH Limited, company number 10823172.